The best type of financial assistance you can get at MIT is its scholarship. Make good use of the opportunity to study in the United States through an MIT scholarship.

The process is very easy because it is a grant that doesn’t require repayment and over 59% of undergraduates have received MIT scholarships so far.

The scholarship is awarded based on the student’s financial need level. it comes from MIT alumni friends and MIT general funds.


In other to successfully earn a scholarship at MIT you must pay close attention to details in this blog post.

2024 Scholarship For MIT USA

MIT University is one of the most expensive universities for domestic as well as international students.

As a result, the university has introduced MIT scholarship in other to support the talented students who deserve to be part of the university.

The scholarship grants provided by MIT are based on merit but also the financial need and economic condition of the applicant.


Unlike loans and fellowships, students do not have to pay the amount back.

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The scholarship funds are raised through endorsements by alumni and other social networks.

Over 28% of students receive this scholarship and on average per candidate gets an award of $45.600.


The fund that is awarded to the applicant is provided based on the financial condition just I have stated before.

The scholarship also covers expenses like accommodation and cost of living are also covered.

Requirements for MIT Scholarship 2024-2025

When applying for this scholarship, ensure you consider qualification criteria in other to submit the right documents and get other valuable information as you proceed with the application.

Below are list of requirements for the MIT scholarship 2024 /  2025:


Applicant application components – General information, Essays, Activities, Academics and more

Two Letters of recommendation are required – One from a math or science teacher and one from a humanities, social science, or language teacher

The applicant’s secondary school report is needed – it includes the high school transcript

Also, standardized tests will be needed – SAT or ACT. The school recommends English proficiency exams for certain nonnative English speakers who plan to apply


The first application is intended for students who have concluded their secondary education and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree as a full-time university student.

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Applicants may apply during or after their final year of secondary education but may not apply using the first-year application if they have already matriculated to another degree-granting institution.

How to Apply for MIT Scholarship 2024-2025

Applicants are to apply to MIT using the school’s direct application portal or by filling out the scholarship-provided application form

In other to get more details on the MIT scholarship applicants can visit the official website and contact enquiries at @mit.edu.au

Application Deadlines

The scholarship application deadline falls on 5th January 2024. During the first year of the application, the application portal will be open. All students who are applying for financial aid should submit materials by February 15th.

Early action applicants will get an admission decision in mid-December and regular action students will receive an admission decision in mid-March.

Admitted students must inform MIT of their enrollment decision by May 1st.

MIT Scholarships for Undergraduates

Incoming national or international students applying for the scholarship become automatically eligible for MIT scholarships and federal grants.

The students, however, must apply separately for private or outside scholarships, MIT scholarships, and state grants.

MIT scholarships for Undergraduate students are awarded directly by the university based on the student’s financial needs.

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There are four different scholarship programs and they include:

MIT Scholarship

Federal Grants

State Scholarships

Outside of Private Scholarship

Is it Hard to Get into MIT?

Yes, according to US data, MIT’s acceptance rate for first-year students was 8% in the fall of 2017.

This means that less than every tenth candidate has been admitted.

MIT does not use the usual application so aspiring students must apply through the university website.

MIT offers both entry-level candidates and fast regular turnaround times and its website states that a quick job does not give applicants an advantage in getting admission.

Can I Study at MIT for Free?

Attending MIT is not free. It’s only free when the student is on a scholarship.

The average price paid by an undergraduate receiving financial aid was $21,917, approximately what it costs to attend a state school.

For students with family incomes under $90,000 a year, MIT ensures that scholarship funding will allow them to be tuition-free.


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