La Trobe University in Australia is giving an open invitation to all international students all over the world to apply for the La Trobe University Scholarship program for the academic section 2024/25.

The scholarship program is for those who desire to pursue their undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. programs based on academic merit and targeted areas at the university.

The scholarship program is a partially funded scholarship and it is offered to anyone interested in taking their academic dream to the next level.


The scholarships are worth between 15%, 20%, and 25% deductions on annual tuition fees for the duration of the scholar studies and it is limited in number.

2024/25 La Trobe University Scholarships in Australia

La Trobe University values academic excellence.

Hence, if you are a high-achieving international student and thinking about applying for a full fee-paying place in undergraduate or postgraduate study, your application will also be assessed for eligibility to receive a scholarship for the duration of your intended studies at La Trobe University.

La Trobe University Scholarship Summary

Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters


Institution(s): La Trobe University

Study in: Australia

Opportunity Focus Areas: See the list below.


Program Period: Four years for undergraduate. Three years for masters.

Deadline: December 31, 2024

La Trobe University Scholarship Courses Offered

Undergraduate Courses


Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Archaeology, Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Health Sciences.



Bachelor of Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours, Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance), Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness), Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Business (Event Management), Bachelor of Business (Event Management/Marketing), Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management), Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Bachelor of Business (Sports Development and Management), Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality), Bachelor of Business Analytics, Bachelor of Business Information Systems,

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Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Creative Arts, Bachelor of Creative Arts with Honours, Bachelor of Criminology, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Criminology (Honours), Bachelor of Cybersecurity.

D, E, F

Bachelor of Digital Business, Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Educational Studies, Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Honours), Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Industrial), Bachelor of Finance


Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours), Bachelor of International Business, Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of International Relations with Honours


Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Humanities, Innovation and Technology.


Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics, Bachelor of Laws (Undergraduate Entry), Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Biomedicine, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Media and Communication, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Bachelor of Laws with Honours.

M, O, P

Bachelor of Media and Communication, Bachelor of Outdoor Education, Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation Education, Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), Bachelor of Physical, Health, and Outdoor Education, Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Bachelor of Psychological Science.


Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology), Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science, Bachelor of Urban, Rural, and Environmental Planning, Diploma of Arts, Diploma of Business

Masters Courses

Graduate Certificate of Archaeology, Graduate Certificate in Community Planning and Development, Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Management, Graduate Certificate in International Development, Graduate Certificate in International Relations, Graduate Certificate of Professional Archaeology, Graduate Certificate of Strategic Communication, Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics, Graduate Diploma in Communication (Journalism Innovation), Graduate Diploma in Community Planning and Development, Graduate Diploma in Information Systems Management, Graduate Diploma in International Development, Graduate Diploma in International Relations, Graduate Diploma of Professional Archaeology, Graduate Diploma of Strategic Communication, Juris Doctor

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Master of Accounting and Financial Management, Master of Applied Linguistics, Master of Artificial Intelligence


Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Master of Biotechnology Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (Advanced), Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration, Master of Business Analytics, Master of Business Information Management and Systems


Master of Chemical Sciences, Master of Communication (Journalism Innovation), Master of Community Planning and Development, Master of Computer Science, Master of Construction and Engineering Management, Master of Cybersecurity (Business Operation), Master of Cybersecurity (Computer Science), Master of Cybersecurity (Law)

D, E

Master of Data Science, Master of Digital Health, Master of Digital Marketing Communications, Master of Education, Master of Educational Leadership and Management, Master of Engineering (Electronics), Master of Engineering (Civil), Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering (Manufacturing)

F, H

Master of Financial Analysis, Master of Financial Analysis (Financial Risk Management), Master of Financial Analysis (Investment), Master of Financial Analysis and Master of Business Administration, Master of Financial Analysis and Master of International Business, Master of Financial Analysis and Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Health Administration, Master of Health Sciences


Master of Information and Communication Technology, Master of Information Technology, Master of Information Technology (Computer Networks), Master of International Business, Master of International Development, Master of International Relations, Master of Internet of Things (Flat fee reduction rate of 25% for any Bendigo student with a WAM of 65 or above)


Master of Laws, Master of Law and Entrepreneurship, Master of Management, Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Master of Management (Human Resource Management), Master of Management (Project Management), Master of Management (Sport Management), Master of Management (Supply Chain and Logistics), Master of Marketing, Master of Nursing Science


Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Professional Accounting (Business Analytics), Master of Professional Accounting (Information Systems Management), Master of Professional Archaeology, Master of Public Health, Master of Public Health and Master of Health Administration

S, T

Master of Sports Analytics, Master of Strategic Communication, Master of Teaching (Primary), Master of Teaching (Secondary), Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Master of Telecommunications and Network Engineering

La Trobe University Scholarship Coverage

Here are the amazing benefits this scholarship program offers:

It covers up to 25% of tuition fees for the duration of the program

The percentage awarded is based on WAM and overall eligibility for their course.

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The scholarship will be included in the offer letter

WAM Scholarship Amount
55-69.9 La Trobe University International Academic Scholarship 15% scholarship on annual Fees
70-74.9 La Trobe University International Merit Scholarship 20% scholarship on annual Fees
75+ La Trobe University International Excellence Scholarship 25% scholarship on annual Fees

A WAM is an average mark that takes into account the credit point value of the subjects that you have completed.

It is based on the actual mark of all subjects completed in your course at any given time.

Eligibility Criteria for La Trobe University Scholarships

To qualify for La Trobe University scholarships, you must have to fulfill the following:

First, interested applicants must know how to communicate well in English language

Applicate must be a citizen of a country other than Australia or New Zealand

They are authorized to meet English Language and academic entry requirements

They must be a full fee-paying student

Also, applicants must be a new international student applying for 2023/2024 intakes

Meet course prerequisites and have equivalent to a weighted average mark of at least 55 percent or higher

Be applying to study an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program at all La Trobe campuses

How to Apply for La Trobe University Scholarships

To begin, apply for an eligible course

Next, complete and submit your application via email LTIRecruitment@latrobe.edu.au

If your chosen course is eligible to receive the scholarship and you meet the course entry requirements, your course application will be assessed and the scholarship Team will advise you if you have been successful in being granted a La Trobe excellent scholarship

When you get the scholarship award letter through the mail, you must meet any condition in your offer if applicable, and accept your offer as soon as possible to secure your scholarship

For further inquiries please contact: LTIRecruitment@latrobe.edu.au


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